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Some small reminders…

Hello everyone,

Just popping on to remind people of a few important notes that went out recently that we need to get back in.

P6 and 7 pupils were given flu vaccine letters and we really need these to be returned as soon as possible so we can pass them onto the the NHS.


We are heading to Gleneagles on MONDAY!! This is very exciting, I’m sure you will agree. We need all slips taken in tomorrow – Friday 6th as we shoot off on the bus early on Monday Morning. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity free of charge and I am sure none of the P7s want to miss out, despite their early morning start!

With regards to P7 residential. The deposit of £50 is due to be paid by Thursday 12th of September so if you received a letter home last week detailing how much you owed please ensure you get this to the school sooner rather than later. I appreciate this is a large amount of money so trying to keep you notified as early as we can.

If anyone has some fantastic ideas for fundraising that we could all run together then please send us your ideas. I am more than happy to hold a meeting so we can discuss through our thoughts together and hopefully we’ll be able to fund raise and bring the cost down substantially.

Miss Crew 🙂


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