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A Message from Mrs Christie

Good Evening everyone,

I am delighted to be able to play a small part in your child’s Primary 6/7 Learning Journey. It is so encouraging to hear what a fantastic start they’ve had with Miss Crew and I feel very privileged to be working alongside her to ensure your child achieves their full potential. Some of you will remember that this class was my very first Primary 1/2 class (with some fabulous additions) when I first arrived in Milton back in 2014 so it really is an honour to see them through to Primary 7/Secondary.

I spoke to the children on Friday about the many emotions they may be experiencing at the moment and encouraged them to talk to people at home/school staff about them. I am aware there are a lot of changes taking place for your child at the moment and we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to the news arrangements. Miss Crew and I have both assured them that we are always available for them to discuss any worries they may have.

Miss Crew and I have already met to plan the class’ next steps on their learning journey. As explained in Mrs Sinclair’s letter, Miss Crew will teach the children from Monday – Wednesday lunch time and then I will take over from Wednesday afternoon until end of day on Friday. Your child should have taken home a curricular letter today explaining what we will be covering this term.

I am delighted to be accompanying the children along to the Shieling Project each Friday beginning on 31.01.20. You should have, by now, received a permission slip for your child. It is very important that this is completed and returned as soon as possible so final arrangements can be put in place for transport etc. I am aware some of you are keen to volunteer to accompany us on this trip and we would be delighted to have you. I would really appreciate having any completed volunteer slips returned ASAP too so I can finalise supervision arrangements.

Dont forget to pop in your ticket order for the Burns Supper taking place on Friday 24.01.20. Set to be a fantastic afternoon!

See you all on Tuesday, have a fantastic Monday.

Mrs Christie


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