Week Beginning 25.05.20

Good Afternoon all,

A quick round up of our week for a Friday afternoon.

Our class novel is drawing to a conclusion. It’s great to see how the children’s perspectives of Bradley have changed as we’ve moved through the novel. It was really interesting to read their descriptions of him as a character as well as investigating his behaviours this week as part of our follow up work.

Miss Crew the baker set a little scaling challenge which I have to admit got me thinking I need to start scaling recipes. I usually make the recipe to feed 12 and somehow it disappears quite quickly especially if it’s cake.

Triangles and quadrilaterals for me this week. Some tricky terminology for us all to explore but very useful in the world of maths! I have to admit though, I need to work on getting these quizzes right.

I really enjoyed reading the children’s responses to the discussion on wearing uniform at home. I thought I’d share some conclusions with you:

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s stars of the week, look out for a wee surprise coming through your letterboxes!

For adopting a ‘Have a go’ attitude to home learning tasks.
For engaging positively with adults who are supporting her learning and doing her best with set tasks.

Please remember Monday is an inset day so there will be no learning tasks posted for your child(ren) on Google Classroom! Look out for a little Health and Wellbeing Challenge coming your way on the main blog.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Christie

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