Virtual Trip for Primary 6/7

This week the Primary 7 children should’ve been on their transition week at the academy. Instead, the secondary teachers have been providing work daily on the new S1 Pupil Google classroom so please ensure your child is checking this regularly too.

Miss Crew and I decided to take a break from our traditional ‘home-school’ learning experiences and provide some virtual trip activities for the children. We are absolutely delighted with the photographs that have been shared of the children’s work. Please find some examples below:

Aaron’s Den – he looks very comfortable!
An outdoor den for Cameron and his brother – they almost look camouflage.
Layla’s outdoor den – a very sturdy frame there Layla.
Looks like Sienna is hoping to keep her sisters out of here!
Successful tree climbing for Aaron – hope you managed to get back down again.
You’ve been busy there Aaron!
A very detailed treasure map by Hannah!
A super raft made by Ava out of an old soap bottle.
Cameron’s raft in shark infested waters!
A lovely outdoor art example!

Tonight, we held a virtual quiz for the children. We only had about a third of the class online. We know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it would’ve been really nice to see a little more take part. We are hoping to organise a wee virtual bingo night for the last week of term so please encourage your child to attend so we can be together as a class for a short time before the holidays. Please see a wee photograph of our night below:


We are also delighted to share these pictures from Layla. She was lucky enough to visit a deer farm near her house and watch the deer being fed. Their antlers were still in velvet as they fall off each year. There were six babies but they were kept back until they left as they were a little unsure.

Please keep sending in the photographs, we look forward to seeing your work for the final two days of the trip.

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