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Week Beginning 22.06.20

Good Evening all,

Last week was so busy, I forgot to post our little weekly round up.

I have now uploaded all content from the P7 Leavers Assembly onto the main blog as well as the P6/7 Classroom. I am unable to post the Assembly recording at this time due to the file being so large but the videos we hoped to share are all there including the message from Calum. I understand there are some other families in the school who would like to see it and I am sure lots of you would like to share it with extended members of the family so hopefully it has uploaded without any ‘glitches’. A huge thank you to everyone for joining us. We really are very proud of each and every one of our P7s and we look forward to hearing about how their journey continues in Invergordon Academy. Remember ‘We are never gonna give you up!” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Miss Crew and I changed things up a little for the final weeks of home learning, a very similar format is in place for next week. Please encourage your child to let us know what activities they have completed so we can track learning engagement appropriately. With that in mind, we are aware that some of the children will have no access to a device after they hand their Chromebooks to us on Wednesday so we have taken the pressure off a little in terms of workload. Please just drop us an e-mail if registration/engagement will be a problem on Thursday so we can mark our register appropriately. We will be in touch with Primary 7s to ensure their Chromebook is returned to them before they transition to Invergordon Academy.

Our final week for stars of the week, they are as follows:

For demonstrating excellent skills and manners when taking part in home learning provision.

The next three stars are awarded to these children for consitent, excellent engagement with all home learning experiences, including those by Invergordon Academy. Well done to:

Katie R

Final week of year 2019/20 pending…


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