More Creativity

Here’s some I forgot yesterday. It really put a smile on my face seeing your artistic creations again, I’d forgotten how much I miss it.

Aaron’s Orange Box – very neat indeed!
Another Banksy inspired creation
Cameron’s collage take on Banksy. An image representing the current confusing situation we find ourselves in.

I really enjoyed looking at all of these today – thank you. I’m sure lots more of the children were busy with this task at home but maybe too modest to share. Hopefully we will see more next week.

A Creative Day in P6/7

Primary 6/7 were assigned two creative tasks in their work today. We have been looking at nets in maths this week so they had to create a box from a single sheet of paper to hold an orange (or an avocado in some cases). They had to draw out their net so someone could test their creation. Some of the children shared their creations with me, I think they look great!

Cameron & his box
A very interesting box indeed!
Kian also had a go at making one. A bit of a traditional shape from Kian.
Peyton shared her net with me too!
Peyton’s was big enough to hold an orange for her and her sister!
Sienna had a go too! It looks like it is held together very well Sienna.
Definitely taped together well there.
Sam had a go too!
Avocado test for Sam!

They also researched the life of Banksy today – a famous artist in the UK. They were tasked to reproduce one of Banksy’s images or draw their own using Banksy’s style. Here are some examples of work that were shared with me:

Weekly Round Up for W.B 11.05.20

Good Morning Everyone,

A round up of our week in Primary 6/7.

First, a huge Congratulations to this week’s stars. Keep an eye on your postbox!

For being so conscientious during this period of home learning.
For his effort and commitment to set home learning tasks.
For always taking on board teacher feedback and making a conscious effort to reply to all comments made on her work.
For perseverance, even when she is finding things a bit tricky, Peyton powers on and does her best to complete tasks to the best of her ability.

Primary 6/7 wrote lovely letters to the younger children this week. As most of you know, we have a buddy system in place at Milton to support the Nursery children with their transition into Primary one. Miss Crew set the task for their writing this week and we had some very grateful little people who were delighted to receive their letters. We have one or two still to come but I’m confident we will get them soon.

The class novel is receiving mixed reviews. I think ‘Holes’ is a tough one to beat but please encourage your child to stick with ‘There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’. It’s really interesting to have different perspectives on it as we progress through it. We will be making a point of discussing this on our Google meets so please strongly encourage your child to catch up on any chapters they may have missed. I uploaded these onto Google Classroom on Friday but they can also listen to the audio, if they’d prefer. The link is also posted on Google Classroom.

Maths this week was all things angles and shape! I have to admit, I questioned myself with Miss Crew’s angles tasks. Something I found really challenging at school so it’s good to revisit it as an adult, thankfully it doesn’t haunt me too much. I looked at shapes in the environment with the children as well as 3D shape nets (also tricky to visualise). We will progress with both of these subject areas next week.

I hope you managed to see the Staff’s Fruity Friday challenge set by Miss O’Brien. Miss Robinson has set a whole school challenge which you can see on the main school blog, we are delighted to be able to involve the children in this one as we’ve no doubt they’ll come up with better ideas than us!

Have a great week, week 7 of Home Learning pending….

Stars of the Week

Miss Crew and I have decided to invent our own version of ‘Milton Shining Star’ while home learning. Each week, Miss Crew, Mrs Sutherland, Mrs MacDonald and I will choose 2 or 3 children (in total) who have impressed us for various reasons and send them a little reward in the post. Appropriate disinfecting will take place before packaging up your child’s reward.

This week’s stars were selected for their excellent efforts in all home learning tasks set so far. Well done to:


Hopefully the postal service isn’t too delayed in delivering your reward.

Happy Monday all 🙂

Primary 6/7 Home Learning

Good Evening everyone,

It feels a little like we’ve neglected our blog a little throughout this period of home learning. I feel like our online classroom is like a little blog for us all but I thought I’d share some examples of good work tonight to set us up for the May Day weekend.

Today’s task was to complete the Selfie in Isolation. I shared some on the main school blog but here are the ones I’ve received online on classroom for everyone to see. Please show your child, if you can, I’m sure they’d like to see what their friends have written.

Miss Crew also received some fantastic word clouds this week for the phoneme ‘k’ words. It’s great to see the children willing to share their work on Google Classroom too. Please encourage your child to do this as we really do like to see what they’re getting up to while they are not at school.

Finally we had some super visualising today in Primary 6/7 as part of a comprehension follow up to our class novel ‘There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’. The children had to choose from two different descriptions by the author and reproduce it in a picture.

Miss Crew and I are very thankful for your support during this very strange time. We are doing our best to produce tasks to suit all learners. We completely appreciate that everyone has their own challenges at home whether it be technology, trying to juggle home/work life – this list goes on. Wellbeing must come first so please do get in touch if we can support you in any way. Already this week we’ve had some additional Google meets taking place to support children, staff have called children at home to see if they can support them further so you are not alone. Please get in touch with one of us if we can help at all, in any way.

Have a lovely May Day weekend. A very strange one, I know, but try to enjoy some time as a family.

‘See’ you all next week.

Mrs Christie

Morning Registration – A Strange Time For Us All

Good morning everyone,

Just a quick message to ask you all to make sure your child comments on the registration post on their google classroom today so we can keep in touch with you all. If your child is unwell and won’t be able to undertake the learning tasks set for them for the day then there is no need for them to comment on our Google Classroom. Please however send an email over to Mrs Callander ( instead so we can complete our registration process. This should be done at your earliest convenience. I know this is a very different and difficult time for everyone so hopefully we will all be back in Milton Primary soon.

In the meantime, take care and stay healthy everyone. If you need to contact us for any reason please don’t hesitate. We’ll be available between 9am – 3pm as usual just not face to face.

Miss Crew 🙂

For P7 Parents

Good Afternoon everyone,

Mrs Nimmons is currently absent. To ensure your child receives transport from Milton to Invergordon Academy, please can you complete the form linked below even if you have already completed the paper form due to current circumstances.

Please spread the word to all Primary 7 parents.

Thank you,Mrs Christie

Week 6 at the Shieling Project

We certainly won the weather lottery for the Shieling today. It was glorious! Sam took us on an adventure out in the glen to explore. We found the old, ruined Black Bridge, had a look at the Gorge, sat for a picnic by the shore and drew some maps which we then tried to follow back to the Shieling.

Making our way round the Glen
Taking in the views!
Sam supported us to look down at the gorge!
A little bit of map reading, using a hand drawn map from the 1900s
The puddles and the bog provide much entertainment!
Discussing how maps were made in the ‘olden days’
What a lunch spot!

On Monday, Miss Crew hopes to finish their class novel ‘Holes’ and conclude it by watching the film to accompany the book. This film is marked a PG so if you have any objection to your child watching this, could you please get in touch with the school by 1.15pm.

Tuesday 10th March

Your child may have told you that we will be writing to you to make you aware of some incidents which occurred at school in relation to language being used at school and Chromebook use.

In the meantime, we have kept your child’s Chromebook and we are posting the Highland Council Acceptable Use Policy here for your information:

We have re-drafted the Chromebook Agreement and would really appreciate you and your child reading through the terms together before signing it and returning it to us.

The letter and redrafted agreement will be sent home with children tomorrow.

Also, apologies from Mrs Christie for forgetting to send home the Parent Contact forms, transport forms and termly calendar last week and a huge thank you to Miss Crew for remembering to do so yesterday. If your child hasn’t taken the right forms home, please let us know.

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