A Message from Mrs Christie

Good Evening everyone,

I am delighted to be able to play a small part in your child’s Primary 6/7 Learning Journey. It is so encouraging to hear what a fantastic start they’ve had with Miss Crew and I feel very privileged to be working alongside her to ensure your child achieves their full potential. Some of you will remember that this class was my very first Primary 1/2 class (with some fabulous additions) when I first arrived in Milton back in 2014 so it really is an honour to see them through to Primary 7/Secondary.

I spoke to the children on Friday about the many emotions they may be experiencing at the moment and encouraged them to talk to people at home/school staff about them. I am aware there are a lot of changes taking place for your child at the moment and we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to the news arrangements. Miss Crew and I have both assured them that we are always available for them to discuss any worries they may have.

Miss Crew and I have already met to plan the class’ next steps on their learning journey. As explained in Mrs Sinclair’s letter, Miss Crew will teach the children from Monday – Wednesday lunch time and then I will take over from Wednesday afternoon until end of day on Friday. Your child should have taken home a curricular letter today explaining what we will be covering this term.

I am delighted to be accompanying the children along to the Shieling Project each Friday beginning on 31.01.20. You should have, by now, received a permission slip for your child. It is very important that this is completed and returned as soon as possible so final arrangements can be put in place for transport etc. I am aware some of you are keen to volunteer to accompany us on this trip and we would be delighted to have you. I would really appreciate having any completed volunteer slips returned ASAP too so I can finalise supervision arrangements.

Dont forget to pop in your ticket order for the Burns Supper taking place on Friday 24.01.20. Set to be a fantastic afternoon!

See you all on Tuesday, have a fantastic Monday.

Mrs Christie

Outdoor Learning

P6 Parents. This week the children and I would like to invite you to join us in our woods session on Friday 4th October. We aim to leave the school very quickly after lunch so if you wish to join us, please come to the front of the school for 1.15pm. As soon as we get our wellies on we will be leaving. We will be back up to the school for around 2.10pm for Golden Time.

P7 have had their woods visits for this term and are now working with Action for Children on a Friday afternoon. This is something the P6 class have already done and they have swapped over. However, there will be plenty more opportunities for P7 parents to join us in our outdoor learning throughout the year so please don’t worry 🙂

Look forward to seeing you,

Miss Crew


Hello everyone,

This is more aimed towards the P7 families but any help from P6 pupils and families would be greatly appreciated!

I have posted a question on the P6/7 google classroom asking for ideas for fundraising, who can help and how! I would really appreciate if we could start getting together fundraising ideas so we can try and raise as much as possible to bring the cost of the trip down for everyone as much as we can.

If you can help, please get your child to go onto our google classroom and then you can comment your ideas together!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts,

Miss Crew 🙂

Some small reminders…

Hello everyone,

Just popping on to remind people of a few important notes that went out recently that we need to get back in.

P6 and 7 pupils were given flu vaccine letters and we really need these to be returned as soon as possible so we can pass them onto the the NHS.


We are heading to Gleneagles on MONDAY!! This is very exciting, I’m sure you will agree. We need all slips taken in tomorrow – Friday 6th as we shoot off on the bus early on Monday Morning. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity free of charge and I am sure none of the P7s want to miss out, despite their early morning start!

With regards to P7 residential. The deposit of £50 is due to be paid by Thursday 12th of September so if you received a letter home last week detailing how much you owed please ensure you get this to the school sooner rather than later. I appreciate this is a large amount of money so trying to keep you notified as early as we can.

If anyone has some fantastic ideas for fundraising that we could all run together then please send us your ideas. I am more than happy to hold a meeting so we can discuss through our thoughts together and hopefully we’ll be able to fund raise and bring the cost down substantially.

Miss Crew 🙂

Welcome to P6/7

Hello everyone!

Hope we are all feeling settled after the holidays and the return to school. Just a little reminder for everyone: we will have P.E on a Tuesday and Thursday this term. The P6s will go swimming on Thursday for the next five weeks! We will also have our weekly woods visits on Fridays.

Hopefully everyone will be equipped for each day with the appropriate clothing and kits.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything.

Miss Crew 🙂

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