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Monday 29th June

Good Afternoon

As lots of the children were busy writing their own riddles last week I thought I’d share some on here for our lovely followers to see. Riddles have been hugely popular in our class this year so it’s great to see them use what they’ve learned to write their own.

I also received a lovely e-mail from Peyton documenting the blackbird eggs which ended up in her garden. I was absolutely delighted she chose to share her work with us. Have a read below, the photographs are amazing!


Week Beginning 22.06.20

Good Evening all,

Last week was so busy, I forgot to post our little weekly round up.

I have now uploaded all content from the P7 Leavers Assembly onto the main blog as well as the P6/7 Classroom. I am unable to post the Assembly recording at this time due to the file being so large but the videos we hoped to share are all there including the message from Calum. I understand there are some other families in the school who would like to see it and I am sure lots of you would like to share it with extended members of the family so hopefully it has uploaded without any ‘glitches’. A huge thank you to everyone for joining us. We really are very proud of each and every one of our P7s and we look forward to hearing about how their journey continues in Invergordon Academy. Remember ‘We are never gonna give you up!” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Miss Crew and I changed things up a little for the final weeks of home learning, a very similar format is in place for next week. Please encourage your child to let us know what activities they have completed so we can track learning engagement appropriately. With that in mind, we are aware that some of the children will have no access to a device after they hand their Chromebooks to us on Wednesday so we have taken the pressure off a little in terms of workload. Please just drop us an e-mail if registration/engagement will be a problem on Thursday so we can mark our register appropriately. We will be in touch with Primary 7s to ensure their Chromebook is returned to them before they transition to Invergordon Academy.

Our final week for stars of the week, they are as follows:

For demonstrating excellent skills and manners when taking part in home learning provision.

The next three stars are awarded to these children for consitent, excellent engagement with all home learning experiences, including those by Invergordon Academy. Well done to:

Katie R

Final week of year 2019/20 pending…

Busy Bees in Primary 6/7

A huge well done to our creative stars this week – Sam, Ava and Layla.

Layla made this for her Dad for Father’s day, isn’t it amazing?!
She certainly got stuck in – well done Layla.
Ava made a fantastic job of hers too – I have already asked are both girls taking orders!
Sam also completed one of our creative challenges this week set by Mrs Sutherland. A flower made from the bottom of a plastic bottle.
He also found time to take part in the Secondary’s virtual Sports Day – well done Sam!

Please don’t forget to check the main blog for an important update about the Chromebooks.

We look forward to seeing the Primary 7s and families tomorrow at our Primary 7 Leavers Assembly. Please e-mail me if there are other family members you’d like to be involved. I have invited all primary 7 children so they should just be able to join the meet when they first log on. 1.30pm šŸ™‚

Happy Thursday!

Week Beginning 15.06.20

Good Morning,

Apologies for the late weekly round up – it’s certainly been a busy one.

Following Invergordon Academy’s virtual assembly and Milton Primary School phonecalls you should now be aware of the provisional plan for School in August. We will of course, be in touch, when we have updated staffing information for Milton.

I am so sad that our virtual trip has ended. I had a lovely week looking at all of your tasks and I’m really impressed at the efforts from everyone who took part in something a little different. I know Miss Crew feels the same. Well done too, to the Primary 7s who completed their assigned work on the S1 classroom. Miss Crew and I felt very proud to see so many of your engaging and ‘handing in’ your work so your new secondary teachers could give you feedback. We were lucky enough to meet with Mr Mezals, Mrs Urquhart and Mrs Brook-Oliver about your transition to Invergordon Academy this week. It was lovely to have the opportunity to tell them what stars you are.

Sam looks pretty chuffed with his tree climb this week!

Just a reminder that our P7 Virtual Leavers Assembly takes place on Friday 26th June for Primary 7 Children and families. Please keep an eye on your e-mail inbox and junk mail in case you miss any further communications. Miss Crew and I would like to thank all parents for your special contributions. We look forward to having the opportunity to share your words on Friday.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to our stars this week! Read below how they have impressed us.

For making such a good job of her den and being particularly inventive with one of her answers in the scavenger hunt round of our virtual quiz.
For consistently engaging with home learning tasks from Mrs Christie, Miss Crew and the Academy.
For consistent effort in home learning tasks set by all school staff.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone. Miss Crew and I will be in touch this week about returning your Chromebooks to school. As we re-distributed these we need to ensure we have assigned the correct ones to Primary 7 who will need to take them to the Academy.

Virtual Trip for Primary 6/7

This week the Primary 7 children should’ve been on their transition week at the academy. Instead, the secondary teachers have been providing work daily on the new S1 Pupil Google classroom so please ensure your child is checking this regularly too.

Miss Crew and I decided to take a break from our traditional ‘home-school’ learning experiences and provide some virtual trip activities for the children. We are absolutely delighted with the photographs that have been shared of the children’s work. Please find some examples below:

Aaron’s Den – he looks very comfortable!
An outdoor den for Cameron and his brother – they almost look camouflage.
Layla’s outdoor den – a very sturdy frame there Layla.
Looks like Sienna is hoping to keep her sisters out of here!
Successful tree climbing for Aaron – hope you managed to get back down again.
You’ve been busy there Aaron!
A very detailed treasure map by Hannah!
A super raft made by Ava out of an old soap bottle.
Cameron’s raft in shark infested waters!
A lovely outdoor art example!

Tonight, we held a virtual quiz for the children. We only had about a third of the class online. We know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it would’ve been really nice to see a little more take part. We are hoping to organise a wee virtual bingo night for the last week of term so please encourage your child to attend so we can be together as a class for a short time before the holidays. Please see a wee photograph of our night below:


We are also delighted to share these pictures from Layla. She was lucky enough to visit a deer farm near her house and watch the deer being fed. Their antlers were still in velvet as they fall off each year. There were six babies but they were kept back until they left as they were a little unsure.

Please keep sending in the photographs, we look forward to seeing your work for the final two days of the trip.

Week Beginning 08.06.20

Good Afternoon everyone,

Congratulations to this week’s stars of the week, keep an eye on your letterboxes.

For working hard with others in her class to do her best in her home learning submissions.

Preparations are under way for our P7 Leavers Assembly. I have emailed out invitations to all P7 parents I have an e-mail address available for. Please check your junk box in case it has gone in there. If you did not receive an e-mail, please let us know.

Miss Crew has been busy behind the scenes collating photographs and memories while I’ve been working on a wee surprise for the Assembly. Please help us be as prepared as can be by sending in your letters and photographs as soon as possible.

Next week Miss Crew and I will meet with Academy staff to discuss P7 transition. We understand the children may be asked to take part in some virtual lessons so please ensure they are keeping an eye on our P6/7 classroom and the S1 classroom.

With that in mind, Miss Crew and I will be changing our focus next week to account for additional pressure the P7s may be feeling. More details will be revealed on Monday. We also hope to host a whole class meet on Wednesday 17th June at 8.00pm. We will send out full details on classroom next week but we thought it’d be a nice way to come together. The children have voted for a whole class quiz so we hope to see lots of faces there.

I have some lovely pieces of artwork to share for this week’s creative task. Inspired by some ‘shape’ artists the children were challenged to create a piece of modern abstract art using their style or by trying to recreate an image. Please see their creations below, I think they’re great!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, we will ‘see’ you next week.

Week Beginning 01.06.20

A shorter week for Home Learning this week but still so much to report on.

Our whole school Health and Wellbeing challenge launched on Monday. Please ensure you check the main blog each week for tasks to keep you and your child(ren) health, active and competitive in the month of June. Full instructions on how to participate are included there.

Primary 7 Parents – some really important information was sent to the e-mail we have registered for you at school regarding your child’s leavers assembly. If you were not sent this information, please e-mail or ask your child to post a comment on Google Classroom to let us know. We’d really appreciate a speedy response to this so we can gather everything we need for the assembly.

Your child’s Google Meet Groups are going to change very soon. Please expect contact from a Milton Primary School member of staff very soon to arrange a new meet for your child. It’s good to shake things up a bit!

Learning in Primary 6/7 was busier than ever. It’s great to see lots of children continually engaging with the planned learning experiences.

We got artistic this week and looked at a ‘Draw with Rob’ tutorial. Some stuck to ‘Teddy the Pug’ but others chose another after exploring his YouTube channel. There’s some great examples on there if you are ever stuck for something to do on a rainy day. Please find some examples below, I think they’ve done a fantastic job!

Miss Crew continued with her angles work this week. A fantastic challenge involving Mario and friends which I’m sure the children appreciated. We looked at circles and tessellation in our block of work on shape. It was great to see so many taking on the challenge cards:

Our novel will soon be coming to an end. It’s been really interesting exploring the children’s thoughts and opinions on it via Google Meet and through completion of follow up tasks. I will be sad when we can no longer consider how Bradley is growing as a character as it was so insightful to hear everyone’s opinion (adults included).

I had a good giggle at some of the ‘Stretch a sentence’ examples yesterday. This was supposed to be just a little bit of fun while also providing a prompt the children could use to add more detail to their writing. Please see some examples below:

Congratulations to this week’s Stars chosen by various adults working with Primary 6/7. Keep an eye on your postbox!

For showing such strength and determination in the current situation and handing in some excellent submissions of work this week.
For always preparing for/participating in the Google Meets to support his learning.

Have a great weekend everyone, we look forward to ‘seeing’ you again on Monday.

Week Beginning 25.05.20

Good Afternoon all,

A quick round up of our week for a Friday afternoon.

Our class novel is drawing to a conclusion. It’s great to see how the children’s perspectives of Bradley have changed as we’ve moved through the novel. It was really interesting to read their descriptions of him as a character as well as investigating his behaviours this week as part of our follow up work.

Miss Crew the baker set a little scaling challenge which I have to admit got me thinking I need to start scaling recipes. I usually make the recipe to feed 12 and somehow it disappears quite quickly especially if it’s cake.

Triangles and quadrilaterals for me this week. Some tricky terminology for us all to explore but very useful in the world of maths! I have to admit though, I need to work on getting these quizzes right.

I really enjoyed reading the children’s responses to the discussion on wearing uniform at home. I thought I’d share some conclusions with you:

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s stars of the week, look out for a wee surprise coming through your letterboxes!

For adopting a ‘Have a go’ attitude to home learning tasks.
For engaging positively with adults who are supporting her learning and doing her best with set tasks.

Please remember Monday is an inset day so there will be no learning tasks posted for your child(ren) on Google Classroom! Look out for a little Health and Wellbeing Challenge coming your way on the main blog.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Christie

Week Beginning 18.05.20

A busy week in Primary 6/7. I was delighted to be able to share some examples of the children’s creativity with you all from this week. I think they’ve done an amazing job!

We have been delighted to be able to offer some additional 1:1 Google meets this week to further support the children in their learning. If you feel your child would benefit from one of these please get in touch with Mrs Christie or Miss Crew.

The chapters of our class novel that we have covered so far have been uploaded to Google Classroom today. Please strongly encourage your child to catch up, if required, so we can continue our learning next week.

Congratulations to this week’s stars – keep an eye on your postboxes!

For giving home learning tasks his best effort and for not giving up when facing a challenge!
For continued excellent effort put in to all home learning tasks.
For producing well evidenced and well informed pieces of work that demonstrate an excellent understanding of our class novel.

Have a great weekend when it comes! ‘See’ you all next week.