Week 5 at the Shieling Project

A glorious day for our trip to the Shieling Project. Today, we took on the role of ecologists and investigated various eco-systems to explore the biodiversity present. We got our charts prepped in An Talla and then explored the grassland, woodland and the bog to compare the various living things present there.

Preparing our charts to record the information collected.
Exploring the grassland. We stepped out a 20×20 square to ensure the investigation was fair.
Exploring the woodland
Some children sampled some edible plants today too!
Finally, the bog!

A super day today! Have a lovely weekend all.

Shieling Project

Good Evening,

Apologies for the late blog post. Just a couple of things to note. Unfortunately Miss Crew and I have had to set class tasks as homework tasks. This means, some of the children, have 3 tasks due in next week. Please speak to us if you think this is unmanageable for your child. Class time has been dedicated to these tasks but we now need to move on.

Electronic devices are heavily discouraged for our trip to the Shieling project tomorrow. I noticed some children made the decision to bring these last week. The school cannot take any responsibility for items being lost/damaged so I’d suggest leaving them at home.

Fizzy drinks are also discouraged. I noticed some children bringing these along to hydrate themselves last week. Whilst I understand the children are tired and you may have the best intentions providing a little sugar boost, fizzy drinks are not the best option if trying to stay hydrated.

As ever, I’d really appreciate your support in ensuring your child(ren) are equipped and prepared for the outdoor weather conditions in Scotland.

Many thanks,

Mrs Christie

Week 4 at the Shieling Project

It was great to get back to the Shieling Project today. The children thoroughly enjoyed opportunities to throw snowballs at each other throughout the day as the Shieling Project had a small covering. Adults required to take cover.

We returned to the logs today after the weather standing in our way last time. After some small reminders, the logs were moved in teams with some support from Mrs Muscles (Mrs Sutherland’s new name). Then it was time to smooth the logs using a planer. The children worked in pairs to do this.

Last time Sam spoke to us about the John Muir award which all of the children attending the Shieling will be working toward. To contribute to this award, we continued our learning on tree identification and looked at the Aspen today which was a short walk around the Shieling. Ask the children what makes this tree so unique.

A very Happy Birthday to Cameron today and a huge thank you to his Dad for joining us today and providing cake at lunch time! If you’d like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with school.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs Christie

P6/7 Health and Well-being

In class tomorrow we will be starting our new Health and Well-being topic.  To start this topic, we will be looking very briefly at kindness and the impact of cyber-bullying/ struggles with social media as this is something very relevant in today’s society and it is an important part of the Scottish Curriculum. To help the class get a strong understanding of the topic, we will be watching a few clips from the Jesy Nelson Documentary that appeared on BBC called β€˜Odd One Out’. I have selected clips that are appropriate for the children and have ensured all language and images used are acceptable. It is really important that the children are aware of the issues with social media and are given the knowledge of how to get support if they are struggling on or offline.

If you are concerned about anything we might be talking about or if you would prefer that your child does not watch the clips then please give us a call at the school. The lesson will be taking place after lunch on Tuesday 25th February so we would need to hear by then.

Miss Crew πŸ™‚

Week 2 at The Shieling Project

What a glorious day for our second day at the Shieling Project. We were greeted by a frosty covering when we arrived but we soon warmed up when the sun came out to visit us. Sam, Kelpie and Aspen came to meet us down the track and it’s very clear that the dogs are becoming firm favourites with the children.

We got to work completing the logs and preparing them to make our structure. Sam set the children their tasks and encouraged them to take responsibility to ensure they were completed with minimal adult involvement. This was a challenge for the adults not to get involved but the children worked very well together, putting their leadership skills to the test. We finished with a story before lunch and then a walk back down the track. Another super day!

Using the axe under Sam’s supervision to square off the logs ready to build!
Carrying the logs safely to their resting place
Stripping the logs
Snack Stop
Sharpening the axe with diamonds
Storytelling on the hill

A huge thank you to Kirsty, Cameron’s Granny, for accompanying us. We would love to welcome other volunteers so if you’d like to get involved, please get in touch!

Thursday 6th February

Another excellent day of learning in Primary 6/7. We progressed in netball this week to attacking and defending using some conditioned passing drills and games. We focused on our reaction time and ensuring our team members were ready to receive their passes allowing us to score/gain a point.

This afternoon some groups were able to complete their Scottish Landmark design tasks as well as complete the accompanying research. Some are still a work in progress but I look forward to sharing the results with you.

Week 1 – The Shieling Project

We are safely on the bus and have just departed for Milton. We’ve had a FANTASTIC day at the Shieling Project. All of the children were a true credit to the school and to their parents/carers. The weather wasn’t always on our side but the children demontrated true perseverance, resilience and determination. I am very proud of each and every one of them.

Today was just an introduction to the week’s planned activties. A 20 minute walk up the track involved some introductions to the wildlife and exploration of the environment. We had a tour of the site and then got to work preparing the logs to make our shelter to ensure the pizza oven is kept in tact as at the moment the shelter is crumbling. The children worked in pairs to strip the logs and some of them even had a turn of the axe. This is all very much a work in progress and we will continue to work on the project each week with other children from other schools also contributing.

Introductions from Sam, Kelpie & Aspen

Trekking up the track
Meeting the pigs 🐷
The Site
Exploring the buildings
Being instructed & sharpening the tools
Stripping the logs

Thursday 30th January

We continued to develop our netball skills this week in P.E. We worked on an overhead pass and revisited the other types too (bounce and shoulder). We discussed why it’s important in netball to be able to pass accurately within a team and when each type of pass would be appropriate. Here are some photographs of the children in action.

In the afternoon the children worked in groups using their creativity and co-operation skills to create a 3D model of a famous Scottish Landmark. The landmarks were assigned to each group via a raffle and today, we planned and began to design our landmark. I can’t wait to see the finished product! More pictures to follow…

Star Writers 🌟

In our writing last week we spent some time looking at creating atmosphere in our work. We took the time to look at contrasting atmospheres of the same place and how we can show this in our writing. Everyone did a fantastic job and I was seriously impressed with the quality of work 😊

Why don’t you have a wee read of the star writers work this week to get a feel for the kind of thing we were doing!

Congratulations to Layla, Alex, Aaron and Katie R who are named the star writers for this piece. Their work is being shared on the wall of the class as inspiration for us all.

There may be a couple of other pupils pieces appearing on the work to be proud of wall as well so keep and eye out for that!

Miss Crew 😊

Week Beginning 20.01.20

Good Evening Everyone,

I’ve had a lovely first, half week in Primary 6/7. As the children may, or may not, have told you Miss Crew and I have been very busy carrying out assessments with some of the children. As we explained to them, assessments are an important part of the learning process. As teachers, assessments inform us of what the children know already and what they may need to work on. This informs our planning and ensures we provide your child with the best possible learning experience.

However, we managed to have some time to explore our new topic in a little more depth. First, we looked at some famous Scottish landmarks and worked in groups to match facts about their location, height, when it was opened/built and what they were made from. This was initial look at this area of our topic and the work is to be continued.

Next, the children were set a personal research task to remind themselves of some of the basic facts about Scotland as a country. This was an independent task and the children had to present their research using a method of their choice. This is still a work in progress for some children, hopefully there’ll be some time to complete these next week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

See you all next week.

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